Born with the gift of music, Jimmy Paschal aka JP Beats, has been producing music for the greater portion of his life.

Born in Dallas, TX JP quickly found his passion for music production by learning how to play various musical instruments ranging from guitar, bass guitar, piano, and drums.  As his talent with live instrumentation and his comprehension of musical theory grew, he would later work his magic as one of Hip-Hop’s renowned producers adopting new equipment strictly to cater to his love for rap music including various MPC’s ranging from the 60, 2000XL, 3000, and 4000 to ASR10’s, SP1200’s and most recently the Rhizome SXE all while becoming a master behind the boards.

JP Beats received his first big break as a studio musician in 1996.  Four year after Dr. Dre released “The Chronic”, an album that would be regarded by Hip-Hop historians as one of the best albums of our time, JP was asked to play Bass guitar on various compositions throughout the 1996 release of Dr. Dre’s “Back in the Day”.  This album featured tracks from Dr. Dre’s earlier recordings prior to “The Chronic” including material with the World Class Wreckin’ Crew.

As JP’s notoriety grew from his work with Dr. Dre and other west coast artists, he made the move from Dallas, TX to Honolulu, HI where we would later build his own studio in order to hone his creative ingenuity.  With the majority of his time spent between Hawaii and Japan, JP would go on to produce several full length albums for various upcoming artists before linking with Terence Beasley and Marlon Price thus forming the collective Terminal 3 Productions.

In 2010, JP Beats and Terminal 3 Productions would get their biggest break by linking up with known A&R Matthew “M80” Markoff, Famed West Coast rapper Kurupt from the Dogg Pound, and Fontana/Universal rep J. Wells in crafting a Hip-Hop compilation of Epic proportions known as “The Academy”.  The compilations production credits were handled largely by JP Beats producing over 3/4th the album and many of the biggest artists in the game took notice to the movement and wanted to be a part of what JP and the collective were cooking up.  Artists including Method Man, Raekwon, Jadakiss, Styles P, Redman, Canibus, Sean Price, Keith Murray, Pete Rock, Royce da 5’9”, and dozens more joined forces in readying this release of epic proportions.  Universal subsidiary Fontana would later decide to distribute the album aligning it with the machine that is Universal in giving it a much needed push onto to the eyes and ears of the consumer public.  Sinlges from the record included the smash hit “Samurydas” f/ Raekwon, Kurupt, & Kojoe, “Rich Righteous Teacher” f/ Jadakiss, LA the Darkman, Sav Killz, & M.O.P, and “Let’s Go!” f/ Royce da 5’9”, Bronze Nazareth, Sean Price, & K-Solo.

After completion of “The Academy” JP took no time off and began delving into single work for major artists including Keith Murray, Canibus, Kurupt, M-Eighty, and more and landed national placement on the RBC Records release of Canibus & Keith Murray’s “The Undergods” album which debuted at #55 on the Billboard Hip-Hop & R&B Top 200 Charts.  Both the Undergods and the albums vast production lineup including JP Beats, Erick Sermon, Amadeus, Jake One and more were nominated for Independent Album of Year credits at the 2011 Hip-Hop Awards held annually in New York City at B.B Kings.

While work from JP Beats has been featured in publications including XXL, The Source, URB, Vibe, Hip-Hop Weekly and favored websites including HHDX, 2dopeboyz, Ballerstatus, Nahright, All HipHop and more, even as a veteran JP Beats has only begun to offer the game the quality and consistency that artists so desire from a talent behind the boards, on the machines, or strapped with live instrument in hand.  The best in Hip-Hop production starts here.

In 2012, JP signed with Indie label Daddy Real Entertainment (home of Planet Asia, Rusty Redenbacher and more) where he would release his solo production debut LP entitled “The Warning”.  The 16 track solo production debut from JP Beats took a page from the 2011 Academy release in its ability to capture some of Hip-Hops greatest talents while stepping into the mainstream and truly showcasing his abilities without his Terminal 3 Production label mates.  “The Warning” debuted on the Billboard Hip-Hop & R&B Top 100 and spawned the release of several singles including “Spoil the Scene” w/ Agallah, “Maximum Potential” w/ George Clinton, Planet Asia & Boots Riley (The Coup), “We Ain’t Playin’” w/ T.I and most notably “CB4” w/ Busta Rhymes, Canibus, Cappadonna & Block Mc Cloud in which VIBE Magazine gave the track Top Honors.

2013 marks the biggest breakthrough in the shinning career of JP Beats as all of the pieces of the puzzle finally came together.  The year kicked off with an invitation to the 2013 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles where he would later ink a deal with Burbank, CA imprint RBC Records, home of Techn9ne, Too Short, E-40, DJ Quik and more for the release of his upcoming project “The Almighty”.  After months of preparation, RBC Records released Almighty “The 2nd Coming” on August 27th to critical acclaim.  The album which comprised of group members Canibus, M-Eighty, Cappadonna, Planet Asia, Nino Graye and Bronze Nazareth spawned several singles, including an all-star cast of guest features including Busta Rhymes, Kool G Rap, Crooked I, Kurupt, Wu-Tang Clan and more and like its predecessor “The Warning”, debuted on the Billboard Hip-Hop & R&B Top 100 at #94.  Both “The Warning” and “Almighty” would receive separate Grammy Nominations via the Chicago Midwest Chapter of the National Recording Academy in the categories of Compilation and Rap Album of the Year respectively.

JP Beats currently completed work on the new Canibus album “Fait Accompli”,
marking album #15 for The Source Magazines “Top 20 Emcee of All Time”.

The album dropped 6-10-2014 on RBC Records.